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to boost and manage your seasonal sales on marketplaces!


The most important shopping events of the year are around the corner. For Black Friday (29 nov), Cyber Monday (2 Dec) and Christmas (25 dec) consumers will be searching and buying online. On marketplaces that will lead to a huge increase in traffic, conversion and of course revenue. Take into account that most marketplaces run promotions during the whole week and not just the actual dates!

A couple of tips to maximize your business! Follow 10XCREW on LinkedIn for more tips and tricks. Also for the launch of Amazon in the Netherlands in Q1 2020.

1. Inventory;

make sure you have enough stock in your own warehouse or on FBA / LVB at least 2-3 weeks before the shopping events start. Lead times at the marketplace warehouses will run up to 4-6 weeks to process new inventory.


2. Buybox;

closely monitor your buybox performance and have automated software in place to manage performance.


3. Keywords;

add seasonal keywords like ‘black friday’, ‘gift’, ‘christmas’ to your listings to increase visibility


4. Ranking;

Extra sales lead to increased organic ranking. Make sure you have set a benchmark for your (top-) products before season starts, then compare the data in the new year.


5. Deals;

have your flash sales and deals setup in your seller account and add other discounts and coupons to your assortment and use PPC campaigns to target those specific deals.


6. Sponsored products;

prepare your sponsored product campaigns, adjust your campaigns and bids based on insights and make sure your target advertising cost of sale.


7. Customer service;

make sure you monitor customer messages, answer fast and process that information in a quick manner


8. Reviews;

Leverage customer engagement to your advantage to generate more reviews through increased sales

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